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This is where any Rules and Regulations will be posted and can be commented on.
27th Sep 2013 by [F8L] tekadept in The Codex
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Important topics will be posted here.
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General Discussion
A place to talk about anything that is well general.
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All Rust Related stuff
12th Jun 2017 by [F8L] tekadept in Rust: Trialling...
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Tech related discussions here.
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Post your non-tech related hobbies here.
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The Viewing Room
Chat here about your Favourite TV shows & Movies
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Real Military Tech
Discussion about the past, present, and future of things that go boom.
24th Dec 2016 by [F8L] mycrus in Real Bitchin Be...
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Funny Stuff
This is the place to put all your funny posts & links etc
28th Aug 2018 by [F8L] H in Random Funnies
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Star Citizen General
All General Star Citizen things go here.
11th Dec 2018 by [F8L] Ken Oath in Crytek suing CI...
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Other Games
Any other Games not Mentioned Discuss here
27th Dec 2019 by [F8L] H in Epic Free games
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