DJI Fly Drive Disassembly
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[F8L] H 20th Jul 2019

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So, I wanted a new internal HDD dump drive in my laptop, turns out it's "cheaper" to buy external drives instead, but not all external drives are created equal...

STGH2000400 External has ST2000LM007 Internal drive

After a bit of price comparing and Googling what was inside various external drives it looked like Seagates were the best bet, and 2TB max due to platter stack height ... but the one drive I couldn't find any take apart vids on was a Seagate DJI drive (but for a possible partial model number from a random screen cap "ST2000L...."

JB-HiFi Seagate DJI Fly Drive (2TB)


OK, curiosity piqued, stack of JB-HiFi credit lying around, BUUUUY EEEET!

2 days later and here we are

Time to take this normally overpriced drive apart:

Get rid of that rubber thing

Pop the hood

oh that extra board looks scary

Phew! probably just card reader logic crap making it so big
SATA connectors == GREAT SUCCESS

Yay \o/ new drive for me, no more delayed write fails and I/O errors!

To summarise, the Seagate DJI Fly Drive (2TB) model STGH2000400 has a perfectly normal 2.5" internal SATA drive complete with mounting holes of model ST2000LM007.
I have some pics of those details, but don't really think they're necessary.
And yes, it's an older model and probably has crap performance, but I have SSDs for when I care about things like that

Oh, and basically a tool-less job, although I did use a butter knife to make it easier to lever out the drive from the case, and convince the sticky pads holding the board to the drive to come away without tearing the label...
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