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[F8L] tekadept 16th Aug 2013

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We are here to play games and have fun - this is our leisure time

We are open and transparent
  • Do share your views freely and if possible in a coherent and tactful manner.
  • We do not have any hidden sub-forums, members can see everything and can comment anywhere.  The only exception would be a few sub forums where new topics require permissions but all members can continue to post their views.

We are focused, close-knit and active
  • A single activity indicator per week (whether in-game, in-comms, or in the forums) is required to maintain standing.  Within a delimited period, prior notice exempts a member from activity.
  • We are here to cater to mature gamers that play as often as we do, when we do it's 12pm GMT 0 to 6pm GMT 0.

We are democratic
  • When the guild has grown to a number double that of twelve, important decisions will be voted upon via a quorum of three-fourths of its members.
  • In acknowledgement of the efforts and long service to the guild provided by Founders & Veterans, these members get a vote double that of a Regular member.

We do not require exclusivity
  • You can retain your affiliations, as courtesy to them we ask that you refrain from discussions pertinent to their internal matters.
  • You choose what and when you play.  

We are a mature guild
  • Some swearing is allowable but to be kept at reasonable levels.  
  • The basic standards of courtesy and decency expected of you in real life is expected of you towards any F8L members in-game, in the F8L Teamspeak channels, and in the F8L forums

We are self-policing
  • The confidence of three members will allow you to gain guild membership, while the scorn of two members will forever block your petition.
  • Any member may give an offending member an ostracon for unfavourable actions or inactivity.  Once any member accumulates three ostracons for unfavourable actions, they immediately lose their standing pending a decision by a simple majority for reinstatement. If a member received 3 ostracons for inactivity they immediately lose their standing as a legionnaire
  • Ostracons will degrade over time subject to favorable action.
  • An ostracon will be given to a member who has vouched for an individual that has lost standing for unfavourable actions.
  • Failure to adhere to the spirit of The Codex will result in an ostracon.
  • In extraordinary cases where grievous injury is caused to the guild-at-large; a coterie of five members may form a grand ostracon to be presented to the errant member whose standing will be decided by simple majority.

You are in the company of mature gamers

  • Who is of every race, gender, orientation, creed, or circumstance.
  • Who value their real lives and relationships above their virtual personas.
  • Who frowns on cheating, hacking, and exploits.
  • Who understands that causality dictates an appropriate response to every action.

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[F8L] tekadept 27th Sep 2013

Joined: 12th Aug 2013
Rank: Founder
Posts: 5055
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Edit: 27/09/2013 Clarification Courtesy and Decency clause only applies towards F8L members and F8L communication mediums, as we do not police what you do elsewhere

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