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[F8L] tekadept 15th Aug 2013

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With the 8th Forgotten Legion website you can Register one of 2 ways

Forum member: All you need to do is Register here and you will have an account which you can read and post on the public forums and PM any members. This is useful if you just want to stay in touch with Forgotten Legion Members but not actually apply to be a Legionnaire. All you do is Register a forum account and that is it, you do not "Apply" for membership.

Full Member: This is when you wish to Apply to become an active member in the Legion. To become a Legionnaire just follow the application steps below.

If you have read through all the information available to you and this sounds like the kind of social group you wish to be a part of you are welcome to apply for membership.
Below is a summary of the process of an application:
  • Read the Codex here; this is what you agree to abide by whilst gaming with us.
  • Register for a login here; if you haven't already, fill out all the fields.
  • Fill out your application to become a Legionnaire here.
  • Present yourself in the F8L teamspeak server here and introduce yourself to anybody in the channel and have some fun playing some games with our members.
  • When you join a channel please wait to make sure people aren’t in a game before talking, just so you don’t disrupt them.
  • Once you have introduced yourself and done some drops you will be given the status of [Applicant], this means you have submitted everything and are on a trial period. Please put the text [App] at the end of your nickname.
  • Make a short post here in the introduction thread introducing yourself to the guild.
  • To become a full member it will require a vote from the current members to accept you into the guild, this helps ensure that all applicants are compatible with the guild as a whole.
  • There is no timeframe as to how long your trial period will be, to become a full regular member, it will require 3 current members to vote in your favour, so try and play with as many different members as you can so they can get to know you better.
  • All members are responsible for the behaviour of members they vouch for so they will want to make sure a new member is a right fit before vouching for them.If 2 current members vote against you whilst on trial, your application will be denied.

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