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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 28th Jun 2014

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Here at F8L we just want fun first.

You can register with us AND your "work" clan.

Think of us as your mistress.   Not your wife.

The secret one you love

Think of us as your favourite sport and your work clan like your dreary real life job.

Be like H and at least quietly watch in the background.

We are not needy like a stalkerish ex girlfriend, or will boss you around like a dictator, (hi armd ,,I,)

we dont want you to run only 2  PPC  and  2 AC 5 like the jumping Gundam Above You or G.A.Y. Lords style of play.   (Champs? more like Meta Chumps)

Just run whatever and have a laugh and have some fun.   

That's what life is about.

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Forum » Public Forums » General Discussion
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