Researchers glue 3D glasses onto praying mantises
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Umm.. yeah,....
QuoteResearchers at Newcastle University in the UK are working on a project that aims to test the 3D vision capabilities of praying mantises. Why, you ask? Well, it’s unclear. Aside from the fact that unlike most other invertebrate species, praying mantises have stereoscopic vision similar to that of a human, the ultimate aims of the study aren’t obvious. At this stage, the researchers are using a series of tests to confirm whether or not a mantis can be tricked into striking at a simulated target on a 3D monitor. The target would appear to the mantis to be closer than it actually is, thanks to the fact that teeny-tiny 3D glasses have been attached to the mantis using beeswax. Try to guess at the intentions of the researchers yourself after watching the video below.

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