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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 6th Sep 2017

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So some OMC fucktard has posted an Aussie day event suggestion. ... 73-aussie-day-event/

Now I suggested this 3 years back.    I guess the difference is, I didn't let PIGGY finish in my throat.

Still, inspiration has come to the Dare, and here are my personal achievements.

Achievement : Stolen Generation 

Get 1 kill on a black mech without doing the most KMDD.

Reward - Guilty conscience

Achievement : No equal rights

Kill two mechs of the same type and model.

Reward - Hanging cracked rainbow

Achievement : Land Rights

Win a conquest match 

Reward : Mineral Ore desktop item

Achievement : Sorry Day

Feel Guilty for something you had no say or control over 200 years ago.

Reward : Plastic hand in the position of the bird.     ..!.

Achievement : Tall Poppy Syndrome

Win a event set by PIGGY, have said event extended by 1 day, have a group like OMC, ARMD, 12DG, farm the QP mode to knock you out of top spot.

Reward : Tall Poppy flower on desktop.   (I've achieved this one   )

Favour : if anyone wants to post this link on the forum to troll (as I cant post) feel more then welcome and have my thanks.

I had to laugh, one guy said "it would increase aussie players by 300 percent"    Cool 10 players to 30.

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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 7th Sep 2017

Joined: 23rd Aug 2013
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A few more...

Dole bludger

Log in to mwo for 1 minute

Reward. 500 mc (5000 if your ingenious)

Class act

Pay mwo while drunk

Reward : silver goon bag desktop item

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[F8L] tekadept 8th Sep 2017

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Do the Harry
Take a pitiful amount of damage, turn around and run and hide behind cover never to be seen again.

Reward: marker appearing over your mech highlighting your position to everyone.

Have a go, you mug
Get in chat and try and direct teammates over the map like your a grand tactician resulting in a resounding loss.

Rewards: be muted permanently in all ingame communication.

Buckley's chance
Take out a lance of clan mechs whilst piloting a locust.

Reward. : 5,000,000 MC.

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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 8th Sep 2017

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Achievement : Lance Armstrong

Win a championship by cheating and not get caught for years.

Reward : None

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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 15th Sep 2017

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Mechwarrior 5 has been detailed.

Link here.

https://community.battlet ... /threads/9723?page=1

I will be getting mine for free from the usual places as the thought of giving PIGGY another cent makes me ill.

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