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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 9th Sep 2017

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I am fairly positive that someone snuck out from IGP / PIGGY to Niantic as when you generally buy in bulk it should be better value.

I often tell Poke Hunters in real life and on emails, the best value is the FIRST option.    

This is the only item you should have to exchange poke coins for.   Everything else can be gained with a bit of patience.   

Still if you are a FOMO person then the best value is the FIRST option.

Looks like great value for money, right kiddies?     NO!

That circled one is the best value.


100 coins for 1 raid pass .99

550 coins for 5 raid passes 7.99

(purchase 5 raid passes 5 times with first option.   (push your fat finger 5 times)    4.95

4.95 is less than 7.99 - 3.04 dollar saving.   

Still need more math.

I want 145 Premium raid passes.    $159.99 for 14500 poke coins or .99 for 100.(143.55)  Thats a 16 dolla saving.

Applying for refund (worked for me)

Instant refund depends on how recent the purchase is. I was able to get all my purchases instantly refunded. Very quick and easy. Apple does not share your Apple ID with Niantic. Apple protects its customers
How to get a refund using the web
1.Go to Apple's problem reports page:
2.Login with your Apple ID user name (typically your email address) and password.
3.Select the appropriate tab—all, music, movies, TV shows, apps, or books.
4.Find the purchase you want refunded
5.Select Open item but not functions as expected
6.Fill in the description,
I wrote " the latest updated changed how the game tracking functions. The update removed the ability to track Pokemon in game and removed assistance of third party websites. The update changed the main games function and removed the ability to accurately track Pokemon. My purchased was for the sole purpose of assisting in tracking Pokemon which no longer exists and has been removed in the recent update."
7.Select Submit
If the purchase doesn't show a "get refund " now button change the reason to "Other" and you will either get your refund in 5-10days or be contacted via email by Apple. Either way you should get a refund.
Other successful methods: Live Chat and Phone Chat

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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 23rd Sep 2017

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Hey F8'ers, it's looking nice and sunny at he mo so heading out to complete mah 'dex.

Also Niantic announced double stardust so that's handy. PSA to follow on gift boxes. (the above method of purchase is still the best value.

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