Project Zulu "Pada Vinsons Mech game"
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[F8L] tekadept 20th May 2014

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He is going to try hard and make a new mech based game.. ... ategory/project-zulu

QuoteAlright, after meetings over the last month and recent events the game is on to put together a new gaming development studio to begin part time work on a mech and infantry based game. I’m drawing on 3 different games and their strategies for earning income, gameplay, and many other factors to put together the final design document for the game itself.

The competitions for the lead jobs are still in early stages, and will be properly refined.

I’ve seen some questions about our intent to allow content creators to retain the rights to their maps/works. Our intent is to not only allow our gamers and participants to create content for the game, but to share in the income of the game as well, this is why I stated that content creators will retain rights to their work. Naturally certain rights will need to be turned over for full game integration otherwise we would risk problems like a creator simply yanking critical content from the final game.

Some time ago I had the core spark of an idea to develop a video game that not only allows for mods, but allows for the mod creators to earn income just as the development house does as well. Since the need for a publisher is now removed, and with telework being a significant reality, I will clearly state now that our ultimate goal with this development is to not only produce an exciting new sci-fi title, but to do so in a way that finally gives PC mod makers a means to not just participate in the games their passionate about, but to earn money for their mods as well.

We currently have 5 programmers, two 3D modelers & artists, and 2 game designers on board.

We will be releasing the first preview of the game when it is done

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