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[F8L] tekadept 24th Apr 2014

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Summary from mwo forum, That's all i read, didnt want to listen to his voice.

In a nutshell, OMGWTFBBQ

Feedback here ... /page__fromsearch__1
QuoteOn what Paul does;
2:39 - Paul passively monitors what everyone is doing, engineers, artists, design. Actively monitoring Clans, Balance, Community Warfare is the big thing he's doing at the moment, trying to get buy in from everyone.
On 3rd Person;
3:50 - He's responsible for gameplay, "what's going on in the playerbase". Paul was against 3PV - someone else designed it. 3PV was pressure from outside and inside sources. External Business Stakeholder was the biggest weight to push it in.
5:12 - Locked viewpoint(no 360 spin) was his work, didn't want 3PV to give too much of a tactical advantage. PIGGY definitely didn't think it was a useful addition to the game, but in the end the EBS pushed it.
5:58 - UI2 was some of his work, but basically "anything within the game space" is his.
7:15 - 3PV was an "external territories" thing.
8:40 - Paul was the architect of repair and rearm. Wasn't responsible for the C-Bill nerf or anything since in the In Game Economy - was consulted and had concerns that were considered.
9:50 - Marketing is all IGP. Doesn't have anything to do with sales etc. The Announcement of the Clan Invasion and timing came as a surprise to him but all he could do was roll with it and get to work on it.
On the Heat Scale;
11:25 - Heat scale was all Paul. Original problem was high damage alphas' - all MW's had this issue. "Heat scale stops high damage alpha", ignoring pinpoint damage.
12:50 - A lower Heat cap doesn't stop this because you can cool down and do it again. Heat scale works better because you can die from it.
13:20 - Still working on balancing where it should start from a points of damage count.
14:00 - Person making a 30 point shot has to jump through hoops and that's a skill shot. Heat scale is working exactly as they want. A little tooling can be done but generally they are very happy where it is right now
15:00 - Paul can see the benefit of more information about ghost heat. Maybe an in game indicator that you can then go and search in the front end to find out what's going on.
16:00 - No resources just yet to do this, is on the list.
16:15 - Front end team concentrating on launch module, then onto Clan implementation for mechlab since Clans are build with PODs which obviously changes how you build mechs. etc.
18:40 - New players aren't going to look at numbers, they're going to feel the impact of ghost heat and then try to find out what's happening.
19:30 - New players adapted to the new LRMs quickly.
On the AC changes;
20:40 - Feedback from meta, competitive players was that AC5s were doing too much damage. Focused changes on normalizing
21:26 - 2km shots are like shooting at specks on the screen, so the range of the ac2 was ridiculous.
23:20 - Not going to get synergy between the weapons, the ac2 has a niche role.
- Wants to stay away from any weapon system being all things for all ranges and roles
27:00 - Talks about heat scale impact on ac2 due to recycle times, reiterates the announcement on the forums.
On weapon changes in general;
28:25 - Some changes (command chair post coming) to the Clan weapon setup for balance purposes. Tonnage and crits are locked for all weapons. Will be giving clan some quirks of weapons since they need to reign Clan mechs in so much to balance them against Inner Sphere tech.
29:29 - Sweeping changes are done, micro changes from now on.
On SRMs;
30:17 - 29th Patch is going to really revitalize SRMs. Brian B tracked down another issue which should (might) really improve things further, but now getting into territory of requiring numbers changes before all these fixes go in. Seems to be a night and day fix, will probably have to review Damage output of SRMs because of the change to prevent the return of the SplatCat.
32:10 - 29th Patch also includes wrong panel taking damage fixes. Brian fix and the 29th Patch brings hit registration upto 80-90%.
On Clans;
33:30 - Clan marketing not Paul's area, some of it was a surprise to him.
36:00 - Clan AC's could be shooting in bursts, i.e. CUAC20 5 round burst doing 4 damage per shell, so will be DoT and doing spread damage. Will still have jamming mechanic too. There won't be Clan Standard ACs (though there was some confusion on this).
38:05 - Potentially looking at beam duration to balance Clan lasers (standard and pulse).
38:40 - LRMs firing in sequence is a possibility, so firing in streams which will improve AMS performance against them.
39:30 - No minimum range on Clan LRMs, but possibly ramping up damage from 0 - 180m.
40:20 - Clan ATMs are under discussion, not ready to discuss - though Paul says he's focussing on weapons(?).
41:05 - Doesn't want Inner Sphere to have ability to change ammo on the LBX. Clans only option.
43:00 - Ghost heat for Clans is probably going to be the same as IS.
43:30 - Dave is designing the mechanics of the Clans, Paul's just doing weapons in this run through.
On Community Warfare;
44:40 - Fully understands the doubt in the delivery of CW. Guarantees that CW is going through design lock down.
45:15 - Want everyone who plays to have a role in the IS. Taking over a planet is epic, want everyone to be involved.
46:10 - They want to do CW right first time rather than having to design on the fly.
46:35 - Involving engineering in the process more from the start, rather than telling the engineers to design it as it is on the page
48:10 - They have a small team so key features come first. UI2.0 took all the resources for CW, then launch module took all the resources, then Clans took all the resources.
51:10 - Decision was to get content out then let people play with the content whilst they build CW.
On 3/3/3/3 related changes;
52:40 - No way of knowing how big a group is going to affect a match. Decided to stick with 4 (was a push for 3 from somewhere).

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