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[F8L] tekadept 22nd Nov 2014

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Little app that scrapesand records stats for you, for those that wanna try it ... ojects/mwomonitor/
Quote# What does this app do?

- It get your stats from your web profile (which is private, hence the necessity of putting in your credentials)
- After each completed match, it will post stats of how much damage you did with which weapon, and how much XP and credits you earned
- This works independently from the game, so results will be displayed while you're in a match (for a previous one) or after you close the game
- It gets the data from, so it can run anywhere, you could even run it on a different PC if you wanted. See "I get logged out..", too
- It saves a stats snapshot of your web site profile every 20 games or so, so you can track your development over time
- You can save snapshots yourself from the "save CSVs" button in the app, and you can use the CSVs to analyze the heck out of them in Excel if you like
- as of V06, it also does some basic analysis of your snapshot stats
- it will save a log of everything displayed in the app in mwo-monitor.log, so you'll see when you have your best and worst games
(whatever you write in the main window yourself will get saved too, so you can make annotations, like new mech configs)

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