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[F8L] tekadept 1st Oct 2014

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Here  ya go. world of mech tier list. numba wah beh is best / competetive , 5 is worst / least competetive

QuoteAlso here is the Tier list we are using, I am sure plenty of debate will ensue. I will listen to requested changes but remember everyone will want to push their favorite down the tier list so it can get more buffs. This was created with great consideration from those that are always looking for the most competitive builds.
Another note is remember that the negative quirks on the Victor have been flushed so it is now considered a tier 1 mech again, which is why it is listed as such.
Another note is to remember that the existing quirks we gave the Awesome, Dragon, Centurion and Hunchback are being flushed for new ones that go a lot further -

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