if games had realistic boobies...
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[F8L] mycrus 26th Jul 2015

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we would be probably playing lesser of them...

http://www.bulimia.com/examine ... ealistic-body-types/

Attack Fox 27th Jul 2015

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We’ve scoured the Internet for fan-favorite video game females, selecting 10 women that are either iconic video game characters from critically acclaimed games or those who we think are particularly egregious examples of unrealistic standards for female video game characters. These characters were then Photoshopped to reflect the average American female body.
So they chose a computer AI, a member of a race that has very little in common with humans, a swimsuit model, and 7 women who are supposed to be in peak physical form for their jobs. They are not suppose to represent "average".

QuoteSo why is it they so often opt to make these characters into unrealistically idealized versions of their human counterparts?
The same reason they have male characters with overly-muscled bodies or gigantic weapons. These are games. Different games and characters appeal to different demographics, they don't have to be realistic.

Honestly, though the proportions may be off and the outfits unrealistic, I think the before pictures fit the characters much better than the after.
[F8L] King Arthur IV 29th Jul 2015

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[F8L] tekadept 30th Jul 2015

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Speaking of Lara, I was watching the tv show "the last ship" last night and thought the doctor in that she looked familar, wasnt till later I realised she was the lara croft model back in the 90s

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