I miss playing with you guys...
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Mangkukulam 14th Nov 2016

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It's pathetic that I had to do most of the killing when 5 of my dropmates (including 2 assaults!) were being held back by 3 mechs (a Battlemaster, a Hunchie and a third I don't remember) at a chokepoint. That's 6 (of us) vs. 3 of them. Nobody followed me when I said we should go around and hit them from behind. I literally solo killed 2 of the buggers by doing this (while the rest were camping behind the chokepoint), and heavily damaged the 3rd (to be finished off by my dropmates once they realized it was "safe" for them to snipe (yes, SNIPE! NOT assault/charge!). Did this from short range, too (no sniping, no LRM-ing). Risky move, yes, but I had to break the stalemate... 4 kills, 1021 dmg,

Please come back guys!

Yes, this is part ranting, part bragging.

Them TBRs are sweet mechs!

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