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[F8L] tekadept 2nd Oct 2014

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QuoteAs co-founder of the House of Lords, I'm hereby terminating our MWO branch. Kaffeangst and heimdelight have done a great job leading our House to victory vs the hordes of bads that comprise the MWO competitive community. Although we stopped playing the game months ago, we left the branch open to leave a lasting impression, plunder some anuses and scoop up some worthless awards in player-made tournaments of a terribly designed game. Veni, vidi, vici.
We think that's enough. The game isn't getting any more popular, which means there will be no more influx of players and thus no more competition. The competition in this game is already lacking. What's left to do? Stomp over the same bads again and again? Nah, we're good.
We'd leave the branch open but unfortunately some of the members have decided to steer away from our core philosophy, namely:
No politics
No internal hierarchy
No cronyism
No bullshit
No policing
When I started recruited our new members, i was always weary of Adiuvo. The guy is undeniably one of the best lights in the game, but i smelled some care-bear on him. At the time, he probably didn't feel like he was in a position to ask any questions, perhaps because I owned the House of Lords TS and Villz and I ran a tight ship regarding the tolerance of care-bear bullshit. He's not a bad guy, don't get the wrong idea---i just never thought he was a good fit for the club i wanted run. In fact, he was much better suited for SJR, and he made that abundantly apparent by dropping with them, many times instead of dropping with comrades who could have used a full group.
The first hint that the House of Lords was losing its way was when we switched TS servers due to our old one getting ddosed. The moment that happened, you all of a sudden had non-founding members with admin privileges and the works and Adiuvo making power plays and revoking privileges of HoL co-founder Villz.
It's funny how little people behave, hey? I spend a full year owning our TS server, paid my share, never made a peep, never once used my ownership of the TS server to power trip, and the moment, the moment someone else takes ownership, little Adi swings in, salivating for that authority. Well played, friend. Never saw that one happening.
That's the thing with care-bears. They like order. They like the politics. They like having a good reputation. And in order to have those things, people have to toe the line. All of a sudden we need policing, rules, etc. So then you get the captain (and also House of Lords co-founder) that we elected, kaffeangst, to misconstrue being captain of our competitive MWO division as the Boss and remove privileges from his comrade and co-founder Villz after two members threatened to leave if he was not silenced/disciplined.
Not in my House pardner. Shit like that would never have happened on my watch. That's because people around knew i didn't tolerate bullshit. Heim was generous enough to buy the new TS server, but he's not interested in being liked or authority. He just wants to cave your heads in. He let the power hungry ladies scramble for power even though it was his TS because he simply wanted to stomp face. He had no interest in their politics.
Which leads me to my final point. Heim was, in my opinion, one of the biggest driving forces that brought our House victories. I put all my chips on that horse. Before i recruited him, i thought he had the highest raw talent of anyone in the entire game that was completely untapped because he simply wasn't playing in an environment that would have encouraged him to realize his full potential. When i told my comrades, they acknowledged that he was good, but they didn't see what i saw. Even now, terribads still don't get it. Tricepticon/atkinson claims he “got good over night”. And so i ended up being right. No one can match him now, no one. He's simply untouchable . In a tier of his own. But that's not why i think he was the driving force of our victories. It's because he took in the core values of the House of Lords with full understanding. Because at our level of competition, it's the mindset that wins. You can have all the raw talent you want. Look at HBA before Lords. They never got too far, even with a lot of the same players. They had a caste system, just like every other clan out there. A boss, and few big shots, and some minions. When the wins starting coming in, a few members told me that they understood why we were starting to win. The lack of class structure and politics give our members a common goal-- to steamroll the lot of you.
I'm pulling the plug before the whole thing falls apart and the rest of them start eating each other like in other units. We had not one single instance of drama in our House in the one year when i was around. Not one. The moment i take off for a little while, we have the Game of Thrones.
What i don't understand is the people currently in the House like Adi who basically want to be SJR or save their image. Why didn't you just join SJR? Because you thought you'd lose? Or what? Why did you insist on carrying the House of Lords name, a club started by the two most vilified player in the game, namely Villz and I. I just don't get it.
The guys in the Lords who want to keep playing MWO should just change their unit name. If they're also in our Star Citizen organization then they're still Lords. Anyone else has to re-apply. As to the rest of the guys carrying our tags but don't quite see eye to eye, why carry our tags when you no longer embody our values? The players were never what made our unit dominate. It was our mentality.
LORD STEEL ggclose™

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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 2nd Oct 2014

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Puny Meta chumps...

When I can be bothered I will cut the other pics of heimdelight, kaffenghhast steel, and various other douche bags.

I might even chuck Apostal on there too. Jer buddy

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don't let the tryhard suck you in...

[F8L] tekadept 3rd Oct 2014

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[F8L] tekadept 6th Oct 2014

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hahah banned from the "official" reddit outrechhpg now lol

And oh this is funnytooo ... use_of_lords/cdbu3we
QuoteHouse of Lords fan fiction Chapter 1 by Noober.
Villz gripped the bedpost as Ryan Steel slid his erect member deeper, deeper into Villz' rectum. "Tell me how big my epeen is!" screamed Ryan. "Oh it is Soo big!" replied Villz through gritted teeth as he bit the pillow.
Ryan Steel felt warm breath on his back, he hadn't noticed PEEFsmash move up behind him, but now was all too aware, as he felt a familiar pressure between his legs. "Is that a Gauss rifle, or are you just happy to see me?" lilted Ryan.

House of Lords fan fiction Chapter 2 by Dark Crow
PEEF didn't speak as he pressed against Ryan. His strong hands reaching out and taking control of Ryan's hips. Ryan took a deep breath and savoured PEEF's scent. The mix of sweat and acrid coolant excited him. He loved when PEEF came to them so soon after a match. The thought of all the broken twisted mechs lying in his wake made Ryan mad with desire. "Yes PEEF, take me, Pwn me like a n00b, Pwn me hard!

House of Lords fan fiction Chapter 3 by Noober
Villz was close to the edge, he could feel it. It wasn't just what Ryan was doing behind him, he was watching Wispsy and JP in the corner and liked what he saw. Wispsy dug his nails into JP's back, sweat was glistening off of both now as they grunted and undulated together. Their vocalisations were getting louder. Wispsy, with one hand reaching around and his head raised, climaxed hard: "Your Ass, I cLAAAIM It!"

Spit can only do so much, said peef, but goose was ten steps ahead..... he knew that blood was the lube of the gods. On a hope and a prayer, they circle jerked their way to freedom, from judgement and self awareness.

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