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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 9th Jun 2014

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Ultimate Mech Fighter Championship   (UMFC)

Welterweight (Light) Division   (Max Speed allowed - unrestricted)

Locusts - All Variants

Commando - All Variants  (ecm on counter on Com 2D)

Raven - 3L and 2 X (ecm on counter on 3L)

Current Champ - Mycrus "St Pierre"  [ Deaths Knell ]

#1 Contender - Jimmy T "Hendricks"  [ Deaths Knell ]

Middleweight (Medium) Division  ( Max Speed allowed - 60 - 80 kms )

Centurions - All Versions

Hunchback - All versions

Kintaro - All Versions

Blackjack - 1X and DC

Cicada - All Versions (ecm on counter on 3M)

Trebuchet - 7K and 5N

Current Champ - Daring "Weidman"  [Yen-Lo]

#1 Contender - Mycrus "The Troll Spider Silva"

Light Heavyweight (Heavy) Division ( Max Speed allowed - 50 - 70 kms )

Dragons - All Versions

Jagermechs - All Versions

Thunderbolts - All Versions except the 9SE

Orions - All Versions

Current Champ - Title is vacant.

#1 contender Tekadept "Bones Jones"

Heavyweight (Assault) Division ( Max Speed allowed 40 - 70 kms)

Awesomes- All Versions

Stalkers - All Versions

Battlemasters - All Versions

Banshees - All Versions

Atlai - All Versions

Current Champ - Dare "Velasquez"

#1 Contender Kid "Dos Santos"


No Jump Jets, No ECM, No cool shots, no arty strike, no air strikes, No ER PPC's or PPC's, No Ultra AC5's, No LRM's, Streaks, or Machine guns.  

In addition an allowed mech may have no more of the following ; 

1 x AC20 

2 X AC 10's (Can't be in the same location.)

2 X AC 5's (Can't be in the same location.)

2 X AC 2's (Can't be in the same location.)

1 x Gauss Rifle

4 x Medium Lasers

1 x Flamer

4 x Small Lasers

2 x Large Lasers

3 x SRM6

3 x SRM4

3 X SRM2

1 x ER Large Laser

2 x Lg Pulse Lasers

4 x Med Pulse Lasers

4 x Small Pulse Lasers

The idea is that you actually have to aim and shoot rather than lock, or scan to hit.  A Bit of skill involved.

So lets have at it chaps...

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