Command console failed -ie modem in real life died
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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 28th Jun 2014

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Hey F8'ers

Using my old Stinkpond (Bigpond) 2 wire to get basic connection as my beloved Cisco 8 series has died due to a storm power surge.

Finished replacing fuses and want your recommendation on good modems.

Any advice, as always, is appreciated.

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[F8L] tekadept 28th Jun 2014

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cheapest possible is my strategy.. $58 billion 7300 works a treat. then when it dies like all modems do, you only pay another 58 to replace.. PLus I like billion because They always are are looser with the specs and you get a higher sync speed.. Dlink i get 3200kb down. BIllion I get 3800kb down. At work Cisco gets 10,200 Cheap BIllion, 12800kb

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