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Funny Guide/Tutorial Diplomatic Intel
[F8L] Dar1ngOne 17th Nov 2018

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“What will it cost me?” Dare asked.
“EVERYTHING!” shouted the shadowy figure.
Dare woke with a start.   
He flicked on the console of his Atlas Battlemech, the “Dare’s Charm”, or “DC” for short.  He pressed the radio button.  “Mycrus respond.”    Nothing.   “Tek respond”  Nothing.   “Anyone from F8L, respond”.   Nothing.
A sharp pain stabbed at his right eye socket.   Idiot.  He remembered.   In order to protect his F8L team, he had to distance himself.   Stay under the radar of Bullock and it’s zealot supporters.   Bullock was the reason he was in deep space, well outside the inner sphere.  Dare had learned that Bullock was distorting and phasing reality to further his own dark purposes.   Every time he thought he had killed, defeated, or stopped him.  Bullock would reset and blur the timeline.  
The planet Dare was on inside of his Battlemech, was composed mainly of the main element that allowed and conducted transmissions in Hyperpulse Communication towers.  Dare had worked out that Bullock was going to use this planet as the amplifier dish.  And as such had located caves and tunnels leading to the core.   
His head throbbed again.   Dare was still unsure how his head had come to have the Trans universe manipulator origin resonator, or Tumor, as he jokingly called it.  But it did protect him from just accepting the changing reality.   The price was the pain.   Memories of realities that existed.   Or did he just imagine them?   It all felt like a big constant blur.  Either way, he was getting close to the core and as such closer to Bullock.   
The cave opened up into a massive underground field. Lava flowed nearby.   There was Bullock.   Prepping for his ritual.  His voice full of menace over Dare’s radio. “Welcome back again, and again, and again. Don’t you get sick of failing?”  
“I never get sick of killing you, Bullock”, Dare retorted.
“Ah, but you are getting sick again. Repeated phasing and doing the same mission, and re-mission.  It takes a toll on your mind does it not?  Just join me, you were once my most loyal supporter?   Just join me again.  End your suffering.”
“NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as he shouted that, Dare unleashed DC’s full compliment of weapons.   The weapons struck Bullock’s locations.   After a few moments the debris cleared and Dare could see Bullock was surrounded by a force field of some technology.
“Really Bullock, what year and universe did you pinch that from?”, asked Dare.
“A bit from here and there.  Here Dare, have a sample of these two mechs.  I will need a bit more time for this reset.  It’s gonna be a big one..”  and with that Bullock pushed a button and 2 Clan type Battlemechs appeared.   
Dare recognized it as a Mad Dog, and Storm Crow.  No life signs in the cockpit.  
“Curious Dare?”, Bullock chuckled.  “Artificial Intelligence Machine Robots.  Weaved and based on the best pilots gunnery and piloting skills from all the realities.”
“AIMBOTS Bullock.  Really.  It doesn’t matter, what you throw at me Bullock.   I was the best Dare is, the best Dare was, and the best Dare ever will be.  That’s the bottom line, because Dare said so!   Mmmmmmmmmm yes

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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 17th Nov 2018

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- When one reality ends, another one begins. -

Dar1ng One - Gunnery Skill 0 Piloting Skill 0 Edge 8 (+1 to hit due to phasing of reality and pain in right side of his temple.)

Atlas DDC - Dare’s Charm (DC) [Modified AS7-D 3027] Reflective Max Armor ECM 3 x SRM6 1 x AC20 Double Heat Sinks. 12. 3 x Jump Jets. Triple Strength Myomer. 4 x medium lasers, 2 x AMS

AIMBOT 1 - GS 0 PS 0 (No edge due to being a computer)

Mad Dog - [Modified Frame 3050] AIM BOT CPU in CT. Streak SRM 20 x 2 [3067 tech]

AIMBOT 2 - GS 0 PS 0 (No edge due to being a computer)

Storm Crow - [Modified Frame 3050] AIM BOT CPU in CT. 7 x ER Medium Pulse Lasres [3067 tech]

Use the cave map in the Solaris BT set. If one is unavailable just use one map of your choosing to represent a confined space battle.

The AIMBOT mechs only stop once the CT is completely destroyed. Even if the head is completely destroyed. AIMBOTS cannot do called shots.

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[F8L] Dar1ngOne 17th Nov 2018

Joined: 23rd Aug 2013
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The machines had been stopped. Dare’s Battlemech was a bit worse for wear. Bullock was still behind his protective field, prepping for this big reset he had planned.

“Well old friend,” Dare spoke to DC, “See you on the flip side.” and with that ejected towards Bullock, his Vibro-sword ready.

The blade acted like a pin on a balloon and punctured through the force field. Dare was through. He swung his weapon in a decapitation arc towards Bullock. A clash of Blades rang out.

Dare was surprised. Bullock raised his sword and taunted, “I’ve learned a few things about your blade skills.”

“Well, I will make this point to you, Bullock. Mmmmmmmm yes”, Dare returned with a pun.

However, Dare was off balance and Bullock was blocking his attacks like he almost knew his moves. Dare saw the lava river and lured Bullock down. They fought between floating debris. Dare saw his opening. He jumped toward a ledge. Bullock followed but was defenceless for a second. It was all he needed, he sliced his right shoulder separating his arm, and cut off his leg below his knee.

Bullock slumped to the ground.

“Mech-cellent” Dare taunted. “Now that your, dis-armed, ahem, and, don’t have a leg to stand on, ahem, let me tell you a few things.”

Bullock let out an moan. Dare wasn’t sure if they were from his awesome puns or the pain Bullock was feeling now. Dare taunted some more. “I am a bit stumped at what your trying to say Bullock, ahem, but not as much as you are.”

Again Bullock moaned. Dare thought it was time to put the wretch out of it’s misery. He prepped the killing blow and aimed it at the base of Bullock’s skull. He stopped his attack arc as he spotted a loose flap of skin at the nap of Bullock’s neck. It was a mask. It looked like human skin, meshed with some sort of alien tech. Dare pulled off the mask.

He reeled back in horror. It was him. As he looked down at the doppelganger, his chest exploded with a blade protruding through. He fell to his knees. Bullock circled around to face him.

“Guess who’s back Dare. I told you, you were once my biggest supporter. It took a few reality bends but I knew the only one that could stop you…”

“is me…..”, Dare wheezed.

“Correct, excuse me a moment.”, and with that Bullock killed the Dare doppelganger. “Now for you big boi, any last words?”


“Ah yes, Mycrus. I look forward to having him serve me. What about Mycrus?”

“He’s behind you….”

Bullock went to turn around but he crumpled to the ground sliced clean in a vertical half. Although, the figure looked alien in some sort of humanoid warframe, Dare knew it was Mycrus.

Dare started to slump over. Mycrus caught him.

“Easy Buddy, your not forgotten.” Mycrus spoke through his warframe suit.

“Mycrus….. I wanted to say that I was sorry. Sorry I forgot you, and Tek, H, KO, A4 and F8L.” Dare gasped some more. “I was so obsessed with my hatred, I forgot my friends. I…..I….thought I could get through stuff myself…. and I realized I should have present, and asked for your time….. your time….. F8L will always be my….best….time of my life…..”

Dare was gone.

Mycrus stood up. The cave was starting to collapse. He looked at Bullocks reality warping tech at the distance. His Warframe moved gracefully and quickly to the console.

Mycrus worked out the machine. He looked over at dare’s fallen bodies.

“You deserve a second chance, we all do, your not forgotten.” and with that Mycrus activated the machine…..

Dare awoke, in a strange chair. He was in front of ancient screen. What the hell is a windows 10 with an RTX2080. What old ancient tech is this? He looked across his desk and saw a Gold Atlas figurine.

“DC” Dare asked. The figurine eyes lit up, then abated. “O……..K………”, Dare said.

He unlocked the PC and saw a web page that felt familiar. “Ah, there you are guys.”, Dare said to the screen.

Dare looked at his Gold Atlas figure and said, “Hey DC, I might send you to look after KO for a bit.”

The figure moved.

“Cool, but don’t do that in front of KO. You might freak him out. Now lets see what’s happening in the world…..


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