ARMD "grudge".. Like so whateva.
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[F8L] tekadept 29th Sep 2014

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Just putting out there, seems like people in ARMD seem to think "we" are out to get them. Do they really have that high an opinion of themselves that they are worthy of certain members here holding a "grudge"? Personally I couldn't give 2 shits about them or what they do as "ARMD", Quite often it seems we are poking shit at them, or trying to make them look bad because they are ARMD, but they really need to realise, we would do the same to anybody who carried on like a porkchop like they do, and more often then not making them look bad is easy enough to do by leaving them to their own devices.

Somebody says something nasty about them being stupid. Waa waah, they are out to get meeeee, help!!!!!! lol.. cant just realise that somebody comments on them being stupid. if it seems like they are getting lots of flak from f8l? maybe they are just being lotsa stupid.

Any comments directed at them are because of the circumstance, not because of "WHO they are", at least by my book anyway.. 
I am equal opportunity, no matter what the unit or who the person is, if they deserve derision they will get it from me  speaking of which.. wheres bloodwolfs posts...

As always if you "DO" hold a "grudge", as a legionnaire you are your own man in a brotherhood, and we are not your mothers

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KidTijid 29th Sep 2014

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I don't even know ARMD. I have nothing against them really.

Apostal Sinclair 29th Sep 2014

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Meh I know too many have moved on from ARMD... me I don't give two rats arse what they do... it's only when they start acting like children that get's my interest. I'll happily pop any I see on the Field, just like I'll o7 F8L before engaging with my unit.

It's no hold bar... ARMD made itself known and earned a reputation amongst the Oceanic unit's before I even left, and honestly I haven't even heard anything good since. But no NA/EU unit knows them... it's so funny.

One thing I want to see happen is the Oceanic divisions in many of the larger leagues come to live simply to get out of time NA/EU players from various unit's into a tourney they can compete in. But look ARMD have always hated trolls, since most of the older players in charge have no concept of it and LOVE to write an essay... I'm an old player in a young body OK!

To each their own, ARMD are their own worst enemy, and quite frankly everyone outside of it will continue to laugh at the jokes they make, simple human nature, best to just watch the show.
[F8L] JimmyT 29th Sep 2014

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Welp, it's always the most effective defense mechanisms - to make one seem victimised. You get to portray your "aggressors" as the enemy and instant brownie points with whoever doesn't know better. Win-win situation. What not to like abt it?

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[F8L] mycrus 30th Sep 2014

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I can't help it, they are my favorite Lolcow.

I do eet for the lulz...

[F8L] Dar1ngOne 30th Sep 2014

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I think I have posted this comment before a few times but ARMD is a great concept, with great values, ruined by a few hypocrites tripping on their own sense of delusions of grandeur.

Good ARMD dudes I respect and drop with sometimes include ;


As for the ones I would not waste my urine on if they were on fire ;


If you cut away these 3 cancerous toxic creatures, ARMD would be a lot healthier.

Rodel = our bitch

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